Redskins hope for win over Ravens

The Redskins are rising in the NFL and have many experts raving about their team. It seems no one in the league can stop talking about Redskins rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III who has electrified the DC area. Griffin has done everything he could for the team to be an even 6-6 right now, and he would love nothing more then to get his team into the playoffs. To do so the team must just about win out, however, and their first test will be against a difficult Baltimore Ravens team.

The Redskins and Ravens will meet in Washington DC at the Redskins FedEx Field at 1 PM ET. The redskins come into the game after a convincing Monday Night wins last week. Despite winning by just a point, the team looked great against the defensing champs. It was also great for the city that has seen little success and had not been showcased on Monday Night Football in quite sometime. It also showed everyone that the Redskins could be a threat in years to come in the NFC East.

The Ravens have been very up and down especially in recent months. The team has suffered huge losses this season, but have been scraping by despite. The offense has been particularly up and down with their play including quarterback Joe Flacco. This game will be a huge measuring stick game for both teams, but I think we may learn more about the Ravens then the Redskins in the end.

Redskins will host Giants on MNF


The last game of WEEK 13 in the NFL will be a great NFC East matchup on Monday Night Football. The game will pit the first place New York Giants against the Washington redskins. The venue will be Washington’s FedEx Field. Both teams come into the game with a chance to win and improve their playoff chances. The division is even in sight for the Redskins if they can string some wins together. Washington enters the game with a 5-6 record while the Giants are 7-4. As always, though, divisional games can go either way and things can get physical.

The Giants are coming off a very impressive win over the Green Bay Packers. They seemed to get a good gasp of air after their week 11 bye, and came back looking refreshed. In the end, they got a 38-10 victory at home which is something they failed to do in quite sometime. The Giants had lost their 2 previous games and did so in poor fashion especially at home. Eli Manning even failed to throw for a touchdown in 2 straight games during that losing span. He seems to have got himself back in good shape and looks poised to try and make another run at the Super Bowl.

Washington has a rookie quarterback that looks destined to make a playoff run of his own. To do so, he will have to beat a very good divisional team that is the defending champions. RGIII has propelled his team into a position to try and get into the postseason, and a win Sunday would really help his team’s chances while showing that they belong. To me this is the game of the week that everyone should tune into.

Redskins/ Eagles game should be exciting to watch


The 3-6 Redskins will face the 3-6 Eagles this Sunday at 1 PM ET at Washington’s FedEx Field. Both teams come into the game at 3-6, but have had two very different seasons. After a fast start, the Eagles have slid and rumors have begun to swirl about the future of longtime coach Andy Reid. The Eagles have been on quite the losing streak and have faltered on both sides of the ball. Rookie Nick Foles, from Arizona, may be Reid’s last chance to be saved. Foles will start due to an injured Michael Vick.

Last week Vick was injured in the teams 38-23 loss against division rival Dallas Cowboys. The Eagles are now all but eliminated from any playoff hopes barring a sweep of the rest of their games. Perhaps Foles can provide at least enough sparks for the team to have some hope headed into next year. Judging on Vick’s recent season, Foles could easily win the starting job over all together. He did end up with good numbers last week as he completed 22 of 32 passes for 219 yards and a touchdown. He did get intercepted once however.

The Redskins, in the meantime, have played in some very competitive matchups this year. Lately, however, they have seemed to fall back a bit in terms of offensive production. Their defense has also continued to struggle throughout. Last week they were on a bye, but before that they lost 21-13 against the Panthers at home. The loss was surely a head scratcher, but we will see how the Redskins bounce back.

Redskins will battle the Panthers on Sunday


The Washington Redskins will face the Carolina Panthers this week at 1 PM ET at FEDEX Field in Washington this Sunday. The Redskins come into the game with a competitive 3-5 record while the Panthers are just 1-6 to this point. Inevitably, these two teams are always compared by their very similar quarterbacks. NFL freshman Robert Griffin III does share one similarity with Carolina NFL sophomore Cam Newton, but feels he is separate from him, so far, where it matters most. When asked about their similarities RGIII offered what some may take as a slap in the face to Cam.

Media will take these two quarterbacks and put them on a pedestal beside one another, and they will take their numbers and plaster them beside each other as well. RGIII was asked about the comparison and responded in what some may say was a knock on Cam Newton. In reality, though, knowing what we do know about RGIII to this point I feel it was simply an honest answer.

RGIII said that he would rather be compared to a Super Bowl champion like Aaron Rodgers and that he is more worried about wins and losses. This easily could be looked at as a Cam Newton reference because he has yet to have much success in the NFL in regards to winning. Last season, although successful statistically, produced few wins. Meanwhile, this season, has been less successful statistically while still producing little victory. RGIII though has shown everyone that he is not that type of guy and his reference was merely one that showed what the game meant to him. Winning.

RGIII is taking the league by storm


Robert Griffin III has really been taking the league by storm and with a 3-3 record is making people believers in Washington. RGIII has helped lead the team and keep them in every game this year. Their latest victory was nearly single-handedly won by Griffin who ended the game with a grand finale to bring his team to an even .500 on the year. The win may have been just what the team needs to try and take the next step, and a very up and down division can help that process. To do so however, RGIII will have to face his biggest task yet on the road against Eli Manning and the Giants.

Last week in Minnesota RGIII was able to pass for 182 yards and a core on 17 of 22 passing. On top of that, he led the team in rushing with 138 yards and two scores. None of these scores were as big his game-winning 76-yard gain in the closing minutes of the game to seal the deal. This week they face a much bigger challenge in New York, but it is certainly a challenge RGIII will embrace. He has been glowing with confidence since being drafted and wants to show everyone that he is the best rookie QB.

This year, he has proved to be the best rookie quarterback thus far. He has thrown the ball as well as rushed it with great success. He has completed 113 of his 161 passes this year for 1343 yards. He passed for 5 touchdowns and ran for another 6 touchdowns, while only turning the ball over 2 times. His 6 touchdowns actually leads the team in rushing scores. Sunday he has a chance to be epic and must take advantage.

49ers hope for a win against the Giants this Sunday


The 49ers will try and improve their 4-1 record this week as they face a familiar foe in the New York Giants. The last time these two teams played was in a very tough battle in last year’s playoffs with a chance to go to the Super Bowl. In the end a couple costly special team blunders cost the 49ers the game and propelled Eli Manning and his Giants to their second championship of the new millennium. This Sunday’s game will be played in San Francisco’s Candlestick Park with a 4:25 PM start.

The 49ers most recent victory came last week against the Buffalo Bills. There, they crushed Buffalo 45-3 in San Francisco. This embarrassment was a good follow-up from week 4 of the NFL season when the 9ers blew out the Jets 34-0. For those keeping score at home, that means in the last two games the 49ers have scored 79 points while their opponents have scored just 3 points. To break it down further, and embarrass the Jets and Bills more, that is an average victory of nearly 40 points. There is certainly no other team in football that has had that much success as of late, if ever.

The Giants come into Sunday’s game with a 3-2 record and are fresh off a victory last week in New York. In that week, they defeated the Cleveland Browns 41-27 despite being down 14-0 at one point. The Giants are still the defending champs, and still did knock the 9ers out of the playoffs last year. Eli is playing as good as ever and they have gotten some good rushing outings from Bradshaw, which included over 200 yards last week. You can bet that he will not get that this week against the 49ers D, but this should still be the game of the week to watch.

Redskins will face the Vikings this Sunday!


The Washington Redskins will face the Minnesota Vikings this Sunday at 4:25 PM in Washington. The game will be played at FedEx Field and presents a very intriguing matchup of two teams that appear to be up and coming in the NFL. The Redskins come into the game with a 2-3 record, but have lost some close contest and played some tough competition. Minnesota, on the other hand, has surprised many with their 4-1 record behind sophomore quarterback Christian Ponder.

The Redskins last game week 5 was against the Atlanta Falcons at home. Despite the Falcons perfect record, Washington played them very tough and only lost by one touchdown. This was even after Redskin quarterback RGIII had to leave the game with a concussion after a huge hit near the sideline. RGIII did report to practice and is said to have passed all the tests. He will definitely play Sunday and will look to get his team a much-needed win.

The Minnesota Vikings found success last week from the likes of the Tennessee Titans. Minnesota was able to beat them 30-7 in the end and have only lost to the Colts to this point in the season. The team’s most impressive win this season was against the 49ers that have only been beat by Minnesota this year. Minnesota has won thanks to a good sophomore season by Christian Ponder and the team’s running game behind Adrian Peterson. Ponder is 109-158 passing with 6 touchdowns and only 2 picks so far this year while Peterson has rushed for 420 yards and 2 touchdowns.

Redskins are looking to break the Falcons undefeated record

The Washington Redskins will look to knock the Atlanta Falcons out of the ranks of the unbeaten this Sunday at FedEx Field in DC. The Falcons have so far breezed by most their opponents on way to a 4-0 record to lead the NFC South division. Meanwhile, the Redskins are 2-2, but have been extremely competitive and tough to beat in their losses. Both teams are explosive offensively while possessing less than stellar defenses.


Washington will look to do what they have done all year with a great balance of running and passing. The team has averaged over 250 yards a game in the air and 171 on the ground. Washington so far is scoring over 30 points a game as well. Their downfall has been defensively where they give up more than 415 yards an outing including over 325 through the air. Unfortunately for them, they face a quarterback who loves to air it out.


Matt Ryan has averaged 267 yards passing a game and pretty much single-handedly won Atlanta the game last week with his arm. This was showcase late in the 4th when his team was down with only minutes left in the game. Ryan threw a ball that soared about 60 yards through the air and helped get his team in position to get into field goal range to win the game. They were then able to do just that and escaped with a victory. The throw was simply amazing and ended up being showcased on Sports Science on ESPN.


Redskins will travel to Florida to take on Bucs

The Redskins will try and get some luck bouncing their way this Sunday as they travel to Florida to face the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Sunday. Both teams come into the game with 1-2 records and have not won since week 1 of the season. In that week, the Redskins beat the Saints while Tampa picked up a win against the Panthers. Both teams have also remained extremely competitive and were on the brink of winning both their 2nd and 3rd week games. In the end, they both fell short. The similarities in the team, however, should provide a very good game that could come down to one play.


The Redskins are very different, and better, and then the Buccaneers offensively despite what the teams do have in common right now. The redskins have moved the ball almost at will against teams this year. To this point in the year, they have averaged 404 yards a game with180 of those coming through the ground game. The team has also scored an amazing 33 points per game this season. Tampa Bay, on the other hand, has scored just 20 a game.


The Buccaneers defensively have been better, but not by too much. Both teams give up more then 400 yards a game to opposing teams, but the Buccaneers give up just 47 yards on the ground a game. They also give up just 22 points per game to their opponents while the Redskins have averaged 33.7 points scored against them a game this season. This strength vs. strength match-up should certainly provide for some great football come Sunday.



Redskins will host the Bengals at home

The Redskins will be at home this Sunday against the Bengals in a 1 p.m. match-up at FedEx Field in DC. The two teams are both coming off of drastically different games as they both sit at 1-1 overall this season. Washington suffered a tough loss in St. Louis last Sunday as they failed to hit a game winning field goal. The Bengals, on the other hand, won a competitive match at home against the Browns escaping with a win thanks in large part to an early TD from a punt return.

The Skins will look to bounce back after their disappointing loss that came, in large part, due to a terribly boneheaded penalty by a Redskin receiver. Morgan caught a pass from RGIII and neared the 30 yard line when he was tackled in good position for a game-winning field goal. After the play, however, Morgan threw the ball at opposing Ram cornerback, and known trash-talker, Finnegan. This resulted in a 15 yard penalty and made for a much more difficult kick which went wide right.


The Bengals will look to stay ahead in the AFC North, which is now in a three-way tie for first with the Steelers and Ravens at 1-1. All three of these AFC North teams were able to make the playoffs last season and the Bengals would love to return. The game is very evenly matched with similar styles of teams and should be a very close game.